Dec 13, 2016

Althea Haul | K-Beauty Products

Hi guys! I have been delaying this post for a while.  Today, I want to share my online shopping experience with Althea.  So, how I met Althea? It all started when I want to buy Rice Mask from SkinFood but it already sold out in their store. I went back home and I was casually browsing the internet to dig more on website that sell SkinFood Rice Mask. You can guess the rest, rite?  

With its slogan "Beauty meets Korea", Althea was founded to bridge authentic K-beauty to SEA. where it provide one stop shopping destination for SEA consumers to enjoy K-beauty products at reasonable price - Frank Kang, CEO Althea. All products in Althea is directly hand-picked and packed from Althea warehouse in Korea. Previously, Althea offers free shipping for purchase above MYR150 but now it has been reduced to MYR99. 

The packaging are to die for 💕 When this parcel reach my hand, it took me quite some time to open it because it's nicely wrap in SHOCKING PINK plastic courier bag. Cantik sangatttt! and its doesn't stop here because once you open the plastic wrap, Althea surprise you again with its beautiful Pink Beauty Box. OMG! 😍

All items were nicely wrapped in bubble wrap. Thumbs up! So, for my first haul with Althea, I managed to grab 6 items. Yay!

Please bear in mind the parcel normally takes 10 to 15 days to reach your doorstep since Althea shipped DIRECTLY from Korea.  As for mine, it took only one week. Once you make payment, Althea will provide you with tracking no so you can know your parcel's whereabout.

I guess you will noticed that I ordered with Althea on March and now is December. I told you, I've been delaying to write this post. Hahaha 😂 Now, let see what I got. Stop blabbering, nieya!

SkinFood Rice Mask Wash Off | MYR26

Main reason why I ordered with Althea. This mask said to help transform skin into a pure and soft texture. I wanted to buy this cause my favs Youtuber: Joan Kim gave a good review on this. I've been using this mask a few times and totally love with its smell and texture. 

 SkinFood Black Sugar Wash Off | MYR26

A mask that contains mineral-enriched Brazilian Black Sugar and promotes smooth, glowing skin. So far my skin still not glowing. Ahahahaha. Probably because I seldom use this mask 😅

Banila Co. Prime Primer Classic | MYR55

Its more or less similar with other primer which help minimise the appearance of shines, pores and create a smooth canvas for flawless makeup application. It's very lightweight and non sticky. The only primer that I have rite now. 

TheFaceShop Dual Veil Concealer #201 Apricot Beige | MYR30

Brilliant! I love the concept where both stick and liquid concealer in one tube. Oh yes, this one I bought on behalf of my friend so I can't comment whether this concealer provides great coverage or not.

Innsifree Vivid Tint Rouge #06 Cocktail Pink | MYR34

This one I bought on behalf of my friend too but later I bought this lip tint for my own collection at Innisfree Retail Store (MYR40+). K-Beauty FunFact #1 Buying online is much cheaper than in-store.  Trust me! I love its fruity texture and its help to moisturise my lips. Every time I apply it on my lips, I can smell and taste the cherries. Too bad Innisfree has discontinued this product. Last week I went to Innisfree store to repurchase the lip tint and sales assistant there told me bout this bad news. I've checked all K-beauty website too. No more Innsifree Vivid Tint Rouge! T.T

 Tony Moly New Delight Tony Tint #02 Red | FREE

Yup! I got this one for FREE. One of attractive ways from Althea to impulse buying among its consumers. Beside free gift, Althea also do promotion 1+1 a.k.a Daebak Deal and much more! I like the colour but this lip tint dry up my lips. Repurchase? Nope.

That's all. Let me know if you have tried all this products or you have better recommendation for me.
Check out below links to find out more! Till we meet next time. Daaa!

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