Jun 29, 2016

5 Tips When Travelling In Cambodia & Vietnam

In my previous post, I share about my itinerary and budget on my IndoChina Trip (Cambodia & Vietnam). FYI, this trip is actually my first oversea trip. So, i’m super duper excited to travel here. Today I decided to share 5 tips when travelling in Cambodia & Vietnam.

#1 Buy Local Prepaid Sim Card

If you want to post your picture on Instagram, Facebook, etc, and keep in touch with le familia while travelling at Cambodia, you MUST buy local sim card. I prefer to buy local sim card compared to do roaming since its much cheaper. It only cost me about USD2 for Unlimited Internet for 3 days. I’m sorry I can’t remember the network name. But no worries since there will be a lot of kiosk that sell the prepaid & postpaid sim card at the Siem Reap Airport. As for Vietnam, we only use WIFI at our hotel (jimat duit utk shopping kononnya, hahahah)

#2 Tuk Tuk- Cambodia

Tuk tuk is the most popular transportation mode used by tourists in Cambodia. Tuk tuk is like trishaw but it can fit up to 4-5 person. We book in advance Tuk Tuk services in Siem Reap with Salim. Salim is recommended Tuk Tuk driver and tourist guide by most Malaysian bloggers. He’s Muslim and he also can speak Malay. Thus, we don’t have to worry about finding halal food in Siem Reap. He’s nice person too. If you guys want to use his service, you can contact him through this email: limangkor@yahoo.com or HP no: (+855)78 99 68 40,(+855)12 25 65 03.

Our conversation with Salim. See, he can speak Malay well :)

Excited! First time naik Tuk Tuk ^^

We also use Tuk Tuk to visit places around Phnom Penh. However, this time around we simply pick any Tuk Tuk around our hotel in Phnom Penh. It’s better for you to survey the price beforehand so you have an idea how much cost of the trip (takut kena tipu). Oh yes, cost for Tuk Tuk in Phnom Penh is much higher compared to Siem Reap since it’s the city of Cambodia. You can check expenses on Tuk Tuk during our trip here.

#3 Bargain bargain bargain!

Yes, things are cheap in Cambodia and Vietnam but you have to bargain to get the best price from the seller. Pretend that you are not interested to buy it at normal price. Trust me, few seconds later the seller will ask you how much you are willing to pay for the items. Remember to answer with the lowest price so if the seller don’t agree, he or she still will offer you with the lower price than original price. 

Most people also share this in their blog. Yupp. Go to Ben Thanh Market early in the morning to get the best price. The seller in Vietnam believe first customer will bring them luck and prosperity. WARNING! If you go to Ben Thanh Night Market and seller there try to lure you to buy their goods, run for your life hahaha cause if you don’t buy anything, he or she will MAD at you. Stop only at stall where you interested to buy something there.

#4 Enjoy local foods

Don't miss to enjoy local foods at place that you travel to. Here are some good foods that you can try at Cambodia and Vietnam:

Halal Restaurant in Siem Reap
  • Cambodian Muslim Restaurant
  • Muslim Family Restaurant
 Cow goes up the hill! Yup that's the dish name

Tom Yum (left)  and Lok Lak Beef  (right), hahahah the name is too funny if you ask me.

Halal Restaurant in Phnom Penh

Since our Tuk Tuk driver in Phnom Penh is not a Muslim, its quite difficult for us to find Halal Foods here. But Alhamdulillah, we manage to find one Halal restaurant nearby our hotel through this blog. Thank you, Yafieda! 

Halal Restaurant in HCM, Vietnam

There is plenty of Halal Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City (along Ben Thant Market). Most popular one is Hajah Basiroh.

Most Popular dish in Vietnam: Pho. 
Similar look with our Bihun Sup but the taste is slightly different.

Must Try! Kopi Vietnam Thorbaikkk 
*Google Image*

#5 Have fun!

Visit as many as possible tourist attraction while you travel and yes don’t forget to have fun! Nowadays, everything is at your fingertip. Simply google about place that you want to visit and google will do its magic, hiks! Anyway, I will share with uolls some places that I visit during my trip on my next post.

Till then, Xoxo.

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