Mar 4, 2017

Singapore | USS Trip

USS Trip is one of my travel wish-list and last year I managed to fulfil it. Yay!

In beginning, I plan to do one day trip to USS. But later, my travel buddies and I decided to explore  other parts of Singapore instead of one day trip to USS. We book one way ticket flight to Singapore since we want to stop by at Johor Bharu before going back to KL. Below is our itinerary for 2Days 1Night at Singapore.

#Day 1- 05 August 2016, Friday

KLIA 2 - Changi International Airport, Singapore

Arrive at Singapore

After breakfast and rest for a while, we went straight to USS.  It's quite confusing actually to go to USS from Changi Airport since we have to transit from one station to other station. Luckily we study beforehand the directions from Changi Airport to USS. You can refer the directions from this blog; Thank you for your tips! Btw, we buy EZ Link card to accommodate our Singapore trip. Later, I'll explain why we choose EZ Link Card compared to Singapore Tourist Pass (STP)

Arrive at USS. Yay, finally we are here! Ohh ya. Since we don't check in to our hotel before went to USS, so we keep our backpack in locker outside USS. It's much cheaper compared to locker inside the USS. We also don't bring any handphone or purse because everything must be keep inside the locker nearby while we playing and definitely it will cost us a lot of moneyyyyyyy. Hahaha. We spent almost 7 hours at USS yet we unable to explore all the games. Here are some tips for those who want to come here:

1. Don't forget to take USS Guide Map to guide you about directions and attractions around USS.

2.  If you have extra money, buy Express Pass since some places you have to que more than 1 hours which waste of time. But, if you were on tight budget, you can choose Single Rider lines instead of normal rider. Single rider lines normally have shorter waiting time since empty seats on the ride are filled using people from this line.

3. Go for popular attractions first like Transformers The Ride, Battlestar Galactica Human/ Cyclon, Jurassic Parks and Revenge of The Mummy before they get crowded.  Don't waste your time to play Madagascar unless you bring kids along.

4. Its quite difficult to find Halal food here. So don't forget to bring foods like bread etc or if uolls went directly from airport to here like us, uolls can book in-flight meal.

4. Surau is located nearby Ancient Egypt. The prayer room is quite small. Bring along your "telekung", ladies.

5. Wear ponchos or raincoat when you ride "Jurassic Park Adventure Ride" since you might get wet. If you dont want to bring, no worries. They also sell raincoat outside the theme park and provide drying pods but of course all of these will cost you money. Hiks!

Ohh ya we don't have many picture at USS since we left everything including our mobile phone in our locker. We decide to capture our moments here in our heart, hiks! No la, weolls nak jimat since most rides tak leh bring along henpon. Semua benda kena simpan dlm locker outside the ride. Kalo free tape la, ini pakai duit bebeh. Menangis!

Why so serious? Hahaha

We are so tired and hungry after having so much fun at USS. So we decided to head to our hotel and rest for good. But before that, we stop by at VivoCity for our lunch+dinner. Actually it took some time for us to find halal food @VivoCity. We don't have internet connection at Singapore, so its quite difficult for us to browse a place to eat. We depend on free wireless only. Nak jimat punya pasai! Hahaha. So when we saw Halal certifiicate at BurgerKing, we never ever look back again :) People say never convert to MYR when travelling but I can't simply do that. Im crying while eating the burger. Sobbs T.T

Finally, we arrive at our hotel. We stay at Mitra Inn which located in Little India and 5-7minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT Station. I really love this hotel. Even though its budget hotel, the room is so clean with private bathroom. Free wifi plus breakfast yaw! Directions from USS to Mitra Inn is as follows:
  • Board Sentosa Express toward VivoCity/Sentosa Station and alight at Sentosa Station
  • Board MRT towards Punggol Station and alight at Farrer Park MRT Station
  • Take Exit G and walk straight along Serangoon Road and you will see Mitra Inn on the left side of the road after Shell station. FYI, Serangoon Road is on your right side when you see City Square Mall in front of you.

Time to sleep. Its gonna be a long day tomorrow.

I will stop here for now. I'll share #Day2 at Singapore in my next blog post.

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