Nov 16, 2012

Happy? Yes, I am

Been away from this blog again and again. Busy? Yupp. Malas nak update pon ada. Ehh bukan malas tapi tak tau nak tulis apa hihihi. But deep in my heart, I miss blogging hew hew hew.

So, how's your life so far? Alhamdulillah mine's ohsem, even I'm not fully recovered from past relationship. I'm thankful that I still have friend who is supportive and always by my side. Thank youuuuu so much, friends :") Okay, enough talking about heart matters.

Study? Alhamdulillah, Nieya baru je lepas satu beban yg sangat membebankan hihihi. Okay, tadela membebankan tapi mmg buat Nieya makan tak kenyang tido tak lena mandi tak basah ehh macam angau bercinta je HAHAHA no no its about Economic Policies and Issues subject. Our lecturer assigned  one economic issue for each group and group Nieya dapat tajuk Najib's Policies. Haa amekaww! 24/7 fikir pasal issues ni. Dah la subject ni bagi markah based on assessment, memang kena perform giler giler lah masa presentation. 

Last thursday is our presentation day. Time tuh siapa pun tegur memang takkan dilayan heheh sebab I nervous giler kot. Mencabar fizikal dan minda je hari tuh. Yelaa, tyme syiokk present, tetiba je LCD turn off so classmate tak leh tengok slide ktowg. Lagi sedih bila part Nieya pulak slide tuh probs sobbs sobbs. Lucky me I have been prepared  so its not a big deal for me, ececehh masuk bakul angkat sendiri pulak cik nieyoot nihh. The most saddest part is our lecturer g toilet tyme I baru je nak start present. Dulu, lecturer Nieya penah je g toilet tyme group lain present then bila habis je that presentation dia cakap dia pretend je g toilet sbb bosan. Uwaaaaa T.T Down sekejappp tau takk. Tapi tapi kann Sir mmg g toilet betul² since during comment session, he said  we did a good job in presenting the topic. Alhamdulillah, happy HAPPY happy sesangat bila dengar :D

So, lets celeb this happiest moment by eating delicious food yeayyy!

Guess, which food is mine? 

Ohh ya, last October I'm officially turned 22 years old. Grow older but still I feel younger. Hahaha. I don't have big party to celeb my birthday but still thanks to my lovelies for your warm wishes. Thanks also to my mom who give $$$ as my presents so I manage to get this cute handphone

Many people think my new hp is Blackberry, hahah but act abang SAMsung

and yes, thanks a lot to Cha who give me Sparkle Screen Protector to my baby ACE. I loiikeee it so much!
 I act did a small celeb with my classmate a.k.a housemate whose birthday in October too. We share this piece of cake together. Auwwww so sweet, hihihi.

It's red velvet, baby :')

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