May 28, 2017

K-Beauty Haul | Hermo

Hey girls! If you always on the search for K-beauty products, you might wanna read on to find out about my new fav place for shopping K-beauty items online.

Before that, I wrote bout Althea website where they sell K-beauty items in my previous post. You may click this link to see my K-Beauty Haul with Althea.

So today I'm gonna share about new shopping website that got me hooked which is Hermo. The website concept is similar like Althea where they sell K-beauty items however Hermo not only sell K-beauty products but also other beauty products around the world. What suprise me more is Hermo based in Malaysia. Wehoo! I'm expecting fast delivery and Hermo never let me down babe :) The shipping fee also FOC if you buy 2 items or more. I fall in love at first sight with Hermo is simply because they sell almost all K-beauty brands here. Just name the brand and Hermo will deliver it right to your door.

Sneak peek of Hermo website

I'm so happy when I realize Hermo sell Cosrx items. Cosrx is currently my favs brand after Innisfree and of course I noticed about this brand thru my fav youtubers, Joan Kim. This brand will definitely be your BFF if you're dealing with acne, blackkhead/whitehead, breakouts and uneven skin tone. 

Let's have a quick look what I've gotten from Hermo! Ohh ya, products that I shared below is not my 1st haul with Hermo. I believe this is my 4th-6th haul, I guess. I can't remember. I told you earlier, this website make me crazyyyy!

  • Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask | MYR59
  • Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid | MYR72
  • Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid | MYR59
  • Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser | MYR95

  • Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+, Cushion Refill & Cushion Puff | MYR79
  • Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch | MYR26
  • Yadah BFF Gift Kit [5xYadah sheet mask, 5xYadah Sunblock 1ml | MYR25

Last month, Hermo do CRAZY Promotion on all Cosrx items since its COSRX 1st Anniversary! Wehoo \o/  I'm so happy since I manage to grab my wishlist items under Cosrx with cheap price.

  • Cosrx One Step Mouisture Up Pads | MYR89 
  • Cosrx Special Pack, Bye Bye Blemish! | MYR79
           - Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch  x 2
           - Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pads
  • Cosrx Anniversary GWP Mr RX set | FREE
If you ask me, which website is better to purchase K-beauty products, Althea or Hermo? I think both website provide excellent service to me. However, I prefer purchase K-beauty items at Hermo since the delivery period is shorter compared to Althea. It took only 2 days for me to receive parcel from Hermo whereas parcel from Althea normally took 1 week since the parcel shipped directly from South Korea. In term of packaging, Althea have better packaging and their box can be used as your vanity storage box later on. As for price, I noticed some products sold at Althea is much cheaper than Hermo. However, Hermo offer variety of products compared to Althea. So, I leave it to you to decide. Overall, both website make me broke! HAHAHAH 😂

Last but not least, if you're keen about getting the latest K-beauty products, do have a look what Hermo MY has to offer also don't forget to follow their Instagram & Facebook for regular giveaways + discounts!

PS: Price listed above still not include 6% GST ;)

Thanks for reading! ♥︎


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