May 10, 2013

Intern Life #1

As-salam ohesem ppl! Sorry guys. In previous post, I promise to share some food reviews but I failed to fulfil my promise. Busy sikit sejak bekerjaya dan bekeluarga nih, hahaha kiddin ;)

If u are my  kipas-susah-mati followers, I bet u must know that  I'm currently in final year and work as intern at Seksyen Khidmat Perunding, JANM which located in Putrajaya. Working as intern here does give me a great experience as a govt servant. I also learn a  lot of  new things especially about office mgt practically and accrual accounting that govt want to implement in all govt sector by year 2015 . Alhamduliilah, my opismates are so lovely so do my superiors. Ohh ya, most ppl thinks (nieya pon cenggitu mula², hehe) that govt servants don't have heavy workload.  Nayyy u r totally wrong. Wanna proof? See below, pls :)

Nampak tak kotak yg beriban and file menimbunnn tuhh? Itu semua kerja okay. Banyak kan kan? Pening palo nak settle bnda nih. Lucky me, I have partner in crime yg sgt cunggg n baik hati. Okay meh nak kenalkan. Kompem lelaki kt luar sana berdarah hidung tgok my friend nih. Agagaga.

Meet Sarah, anak kacuk from paris pahang (:

Selain sarah, nieya rapat dgn akak sowg nih. Sis Eija nama diberi. She's married but still look hot in my eyes, Hewhewhew ^.^

Omaigaaddddd! Why so flawless nih? Ahahah. Thanks to Camera360 which make ladies all over the world including me feel pweeetyy,  hik hik!

Ohh ya, recently I had attend a seminar at Awana Hotel, Genting Highlands with my opismates. Each person dpt satu bilik free. Freaking ohsem rite!. Memang berpartayyyyy la bila dok bilik sensowg nih, mihahaha. Nxt post insyaAllah nieya story psl tuh plak yer.

Psstt: I met someone ♥♥

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