Jan 20, 2012


Everyone have their probs including me. Probs can be big or small like study probs, relationship probs, and self conflict e.g. low self confidence bla bla bla. When I have prob, I feel weak and I really need someone to support me. Thus, I look for someone that I can trust. Yes, having someone that you can count on is good things and Alhamdulillah, I have these people in my life. But, act is not really good things when you depend too much with them. Believe me, it is impossible for them to always by your side cause they have their own probs too. I always and still depend too much on someone over something. Its pathetic you know. I feel that I come off as being clingy and annoying. Its also hurt your feelings if you need them but they were busy doing other things or they just unable to stay with you.

I never realize these things till yesterday when someone said to me about my emotion. It just a big slap to me. It hurt but what that person said was true. I always show to others that I'm weak. I don't want people look at me as sensitive, fragile person. It open my eyes and I know that I should stop doing useless things e.g unstoppable crying over phone or inside the blanket. I should stand up and be strong. It's normal rite for having probs? If I think hardly about my probs, it doesn't help to solve my probs so just take it easy. One more things that I realize is make Allah s.w.t my best friend. Allah will always listen and never leave me ♥ Indeed, Allah's friendship promise me with peace. I'm trying to be strong and with Allah's will, I will succeed :) 

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